Not all Essential Fatty Acids – omega 3s’ are the same

In my search for the ultimate Omega 3 supplementation and recommendations I can make to my patients, I am always on a quest to improve my knowledge. While Essential Fatty Acids are known as necessary for our bodies to function, many consider this among other vitamins and minerals “the doctor always talk about but don’s really pertain to me”. Here is the deal: We must ingest them or our body will function poorly if any at all. So many of the processes taking place in our body rely on the supply of high quality essential fatty acids, we really can’t continue to starve it, or supply it with poorly made or rancid oils.

Essential need for fatty acids

Only two fatty acids are known to be essential for humans: alpha linolenic acid  (an omega-3 fatty acid) and linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid).[2][3]

Here are a few important facts about the viability of these supplements. Additionally you want to consider the condition of the oceans from which these are harvested. Are they imported from Japan where the 5 nuclear reactors have leaked and contaminated the Pacific Ocean? Are they safe? 

Radioactivity in the Ocean:
Diluted, But Far from Harmless

With contaminated water from Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear complex continuing to pour into the Pacific, scientists are concerned about how that radioactivity might affect marine life. Although the ocean’s capacity to dilute radiation is huge, signs are that nuclear isotopes are already moving up the local food chain.
by elizabeth grossman

I find a safer way to supply the body these essential fats. Here are some examples of EFAs’ from plants, or harvested and purified at the labs of a high quality live foods company such as SP.
Sesame seed oil, Soybean lecithin, Tuna Omega 3 oil, Black Currant seed oil, Calamari Omega-3 liquid. 

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Dr. Tali Pariser